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**EUMA UK Mentoring Scheme Launch April 2016 - details to follow**

There are many valid reasons to use a career mentor:

  • Transition

  • To stretch and challenge yourself

  • To survive and thrive

  • To establish a strong network

  • Get clarification as to future goals

  • A confidante - someone who knows you and your intentions is invaluable


**EUMA UK Personal Development Day - 14 November 2015**

Hotel Football, Manchester - 'From Stressed to Strategic - Building PA Resilience'

To stay ahead of the game successful PAs/EAs need:

  • A good understanding of business strategy

  • To be resilient

  • To have some 'get up and go'

  • Inspiration



"I have been a member of EUMA for 17 years and have served as regional events co-ordinator, UK Training & Development Officer, UK Public Relations Officer and UK Chairman from 2009 - 2013. All of my roles have helped me to learn and grow and really get to understand the international side of EUMA and the role of the assistants from different countries.


Being a part of such a vibrant community of like minded people and mixing with assistants from more than 26 countries at events held in different cities in Europe has been an absolute learning fest and delight.


I have made international friends, seen places I might not otherwise have seen, learned from many speakers and traininers and I have also gained a valuable mentor - Sonia Vanular who is 94 years old. Sonia formed EUMA 41 years ago and is still going strong and so is she as she still takes and active role".


Sue France


"I joined European Management Assistants after attending a meeting at the invite of a colleague. EUMA is a professional group which gives its members opportunities to network with like-minded people, develop new skills and attend presentations on relevant topics".

Susan Cooper

University of Manchester